disTHIS! Film Series: "Heavy Load" Screening and gig at Arlene's Grocery with 4 Wheel City (6/18/08)
Many joined disTHIS! for the NY premiere of HEAVY LOAD: A FILM ABOUT HAPPINESS, a feature documentary about the UK’s only ‘mixed-ability’ punk band prior to the movie's premiere on IFC, June 23rd!

IFC and other media outlets were there to document the film screening and concert at Arlene's Grocery which followed. This was the band's first gig in the NYC and a rare chance to catch one of their energetic, and sometimes chaotic, live performances - which have made them cult heroes in the UK.

At Arlene's, Heavy Load was joined by 4 Wheel City, who opened the show with hot beats about life, disability, and the movement for improvement.

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