The Forbidden Fruit

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    Inspired by the story of Adam in heaven with a bit of a twist!

    Enjoy! =]

    Update: Made it to Explore, hehehe!!

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    1. ARG അര്ഗ് ages ago | reply

      haha, gr8 creativity!!!!!

    2. Banafsaj_Q8 .. Free Photographer ages ago | reply

      ذكرتني بسنو وايت لوووووووووووووووووووووول ...

      خوش صوورة ساررره حدها عجيببه و الاضاءة ممتازه موفقه :*

    3. ..Kelly. ages ago | reply

      Finally!!!! A man with the biblical apple - I've seen so many women do this shot (and kudos to them for their work), but THIS is truly great.

    4. Chiellie! ages ago | reply

      Your Photo Wins a Crown!
      Please add this pic to the group!

      Only for the best

    5. Pierre M. ages ago | reply

      Vous êtes invité à poster cette magnifique photo (et d'autres) dans Photos en Noir et Blanc partiels
       Photos en Noir et Blanc partiels

    6. SanforaQ8 ages ago | reply

      لقطة موفقه
      الاضاءة حلوه
      المودل احلا ابدعت يا حمود
      تسلم اييدج

    7. محمد السويدان - Bayt Lothan ages ago | reply


      فكرة وايد حلوة

      تسلم أيدج سارة ويعطيك العافية بو جاسم

    8. Ali Al-Zaidi ages ago | reply

      وايد حلوه ساره
      قواج الله

      و المودل :> يعطيك العافيه

    9. Eman Jamal ages ago | reply

      nice shot sara 7bet il lighting
      9akayty 3la 9orty ili knt 5ashat`ha :P hehe
      t6beqich o itha2tich 7ilwa y36ech il 3afya o mnha lil a3la
      o il model , no comment :P

    10. milomingo ages ago | reply

      evocative and dramatic, well done! Applause!

      I saw this photo in The Best of Black and White

      Lasciatemi sognare un bell'osso.

      This is a wonderful black and white photograph, if you haven't already, please tag your photo with "bestofb&w"

    11. Sahara »D.A.B« ages ago | reply

      wooooooooooooow Sara ;
      Really nice work, 7arakat =)
      Keep it Going Sis...

    12. חםםחї ages ago | reply

      woow !!
      that is SUPER !

    13. ® RORi ages ago | reply

      ماشالله واايد حلوووه و حبيت اللون الأبيض و الأسود
      وشلون دخلتيه التفاحه الحمره
      يعطيج العافيه

    14. Najwa Marafie - Free Photographer ages ago | reply

      افكاااااار حلوة يا سارووونه .... اهم شي الموديل :)

    15. NajMurphy ages ago | reply

      Mashallah great photo!!
      oo el idea is mucho perfecto my sista sara!
      good work!
      keep it up !!

    16. Alooy ages ago | reply


    17. Xm- ages ago | reply

      amazing. i love it. adding it to fav. creative. well composed. editing required a bit near the apple. but who cares. i think it looks GREAT.

    18. busy bear [deleted] ages ago | reply

      O No

      i m daily eating Apple

      Is this No good For life ???

      Awesome shot And Perfect light !!!

    19. [Vertigo] ages ago | reply

      Awesome... simply striking... only snow white with a go-t would be a more appropriate title/explanation.

    20. lawrenching 118 months ago | reply

      I love this picture

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