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breathing in snowflakes

alpha and omega dancing with your ghost Infinity a kingdom of solitude and i was alive the sunlight has turned to grey Wastelands. a monochrome retrospect breathing in snowflakes where the cold crawls under my skin. crimson chrysalis until she was autumn and autumn was her a storm is coming alive. I am reaching for You, into the endless depths of azure. of self-acceptance. my road to self-discovery. my road to self-discovery II reflections. Escapist, locked in reality's maze. the fault in our stars.

the ones that reflect the facets of myself the best

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Allissa Lemaire says:

You are so inspiring and Beautiful!
I am in love with your photos! Someday, we will have to do another exchange.. because you have so many pictures that I am just mesmerized by!!
Posted 76 months ago. ( permalink )

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duffyemma92 says:

I must say, you are a fantastically talented photographer!
And you are a beautiful person! :)
Posted 76 months ago. ( permalink )

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Regina Leah says:

Oh thank you, these words mean the world!
Posted 76 months ago. ( permalink )

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/makeda says:

You are now my inspiration. keep up the stunning work! xoxo
Posted 55 months ago. ( permalink )

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