In a bold disregard for the auguries of fortune and fate I left home on Friday 13th. April to travel by train to Chepstow to make an attempt on the Offa's Dyke Path (ODP) The path is one of the United Kingdom's 19 designated National Trails of 180-190 miles running north from Chepstow to Prestatyn up in the top right-hand corner of North Wales, near the crux of Liverpool Bay and the River Dee.
This is a long walk along the border country separating Wales from England and like most borders these contiguous lands share a history rooted in conflict and the attempt of conquest. This is an ebb and flow as constant as man's ambition and here in Offa's Dyke we see the remains of one of the greatest bits of military engineering south of Hadrian's Wall.
1200 years ago Offa was the King of Mercia and built his wall to define his western border and to keep the Welsh at bay. Double the length of Roman Hadrian's Wall, Offa's home-grown Brit effort is easily the longest linear earth-works in the UK and makes for a great walk. Time to go..
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