• Crazy things called mixed tapes.
  • Who knows what's in there! We haven't even completely unpacked yet!
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It's much harder to organize than I thought. It's sort of like painting...laying down a general foundation and then doing little touch ups here and there...building up the right effect. Still needs some work.

  1. paintedbooklady 118 months ago | reply

    Is that your radiator?

  2. sugarfreak 118 months ago | reply

    The big white thing? Yeah.

  3. _christine 118 months ago | reply

    It's amazing how popular white is for cd spines, I guess legibility is an issue but, you'd think that color would have more contrast.

  4. Rev. Slaughter 118 months ago | reply

    I saw photos of a bookstore here on flickr that did the same thing. I thought about how neat it looked, and how fucking agry I would be if I walked in trying to browse books.

  5. sugarfreak 118 months ago | reply

    I know! Now that we basically have all our essential music on the iPod we don't really care that much about the actual CDs and how to find them. Information retrieval is so much easier on computers!

    Hey Christine! There's way too much white and too much black. Green is probably the least popular besides the off colors like silver.

  6. paintedbooklady 118 months ago | reply

    That's a really nice cover.

    Since the iPods the cd's are ending up in boxes.

  7. chotda 118 months ago | reply

    (jaw dropping to floor)omg, the work that went into that! it looks amazing though. i'd be fiddling with it all the time. how many cds do you reckon you have?

  8. sugarfreak 118 months ago | reply

    Well it's around 700 here...but that doesn't include the box sets (like the Hank Williams, Nuggets, etc).

    And then we have maybe another 250 at the store! It's ridiculous! How did people ever FIND music before the iPod?? Who knows where everything is?

  9. Editor B 118 months ago | reply

    People listened to music before the iPod?

  10. sugarfreak 117 months ago | reply

    Yeah! They'd take out individual CDs or these things called records and cassettes...and then like play them individually. Exhausting!

  11. chotda 98 months ago | reply

    hey, we're on apartment therapy!

    http://la.apartmenttherapy.com/la/flickr-finds/flickr-finds-categorizing-by-colour-018773 (?)

  12. sugarfreak 98 months ago | reply

    Haha! The comments are funny.

    I remember my initial shock and horror of a non-alphabetized way of organizing. I got over it.

  13. starcoveter 92 months ago | reply

    You should paint your radiator... If it were me, it'd be teal by now! =)

  14. Heath & the B.L.T. boys 85 months ago | reply

    There's a group called Rainbow of Books.

  15. joetron2030 73 months ago | reply

    I'm acquainted with Greg Han (at ATLA) from the GR Boards. Rachel, you might recognize him as "typefiend".

    I think I'm up in the 1000 CD range (not including the few box sets I have).

  16. Sneddonia 55 months ago | reply

    So cool :) And I agree, there are way too many white-spined CDs around!

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