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Something is stirring in the garden.

COMPOST MENTIS features a large compost heap, set in a small allotment, and the Gardener who looks after it.

Their relationship begins to break down when he discovers that the compost heap has developed a life of its own, and harbours thoughts fermenting within.

Live action, puppet, mechanical and musical interventions ensure that the audience, like the Gardener, are led up the garden path.


"Thank you so much for your wonderful shows over the weekend."
Kriss Russman (Manchester International Festival)

"A lovely afternoon compost treat."
Audience member

"Nick Hytner received many compliments on your lovely show! … The grass, the bees , the sun … it just worked in the square."
Watch This Space Festival Team (National Theatre, London)

"A visually poetic piece with the confidence to play at its own pace. Performances, characterisation and set fitted in perfectly to the rural setting."
Michael Lister (Total Theatre magazine)

"My five year old son discusses it with me regularly!"
Rebecca Johnson (Head of Arts – Blackburn)

"Fantastic performances … the ideal thing … I had a good time watching all that screaming, laughing and pointing … Charming and satisfyingly eccentric."
Laura McDermott (Creative Producer - Greenwich & Docklands International Festival)

"It was great having you and your fantastic show with us!!"
Filipa Sousa (Fundacao de Serralves - Porto, Portugal)

"The most interesting thing to happen … enjoyed by many children and adults, brightening their day."

"A show for big kids as well as little ones."
Caroline Daly (Freelance Artist)

"I was happy to clap for the monster."
Audience member (age six)

"It was so fantastic having the show outside – people really loved it."
Alison Duddle (Horse & Bamboo)

"AMAZING ... Brilliant show! Best bit of the afternoon ... so funny and original ... worked well for all ages."
Audience Members

"Very impressed."
Eddie Barcan (Cambridge Folk Festival)


COMPOST MENTIS is a 30-minute long outdoor theatre show, performed twice a day. It is suitable for all ages and is great for a mixed audience of adults and children. It can work well as a stand-alone show or as part of a themed event.


Overall Design and Conception:
Sue Auty and Edward Taylor.

Initial ideas developed with:
Steve Tiplady.

Originally Devised and Performed by: Sue Auty, Peter Finegan
and Edward Taylor.

Compost Heap Construction:
Bryan Tweddle.

Music Composed, Played and
Recorded by: Clive Bell.

Guitar: Richard Bolton.

Trumpet: Harry Beckett (RIP).

Sound Design: Matt Wand.

Additional Making: Sue Auty, Dave Chadwick, Beka Haigh,
Jack Lockhart, and Edward Taylor.

Commissioned by
Shropshire County Council.

Additional Funding from Arts Council England North West.


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