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You're it! - Tagged | by Sudhamshu
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You're it! - Tagged

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I was tagged earlier by Jayashree and in a sullen mood of excessive pessimism wrote about myself. Even though they were true to a certain extent, I've hidden that nonsense. Now Amirtha has tagged me & I have promised to do some justice to my name!


1. The name is Sudhamshu - Sudha = Nectar / Elixir, Amsha = Part. More here. Been trying to discover the Elixir side of me for really long now. Search is still on!

2. First thing you'll know about me is my laziness. A complete sloth - I call it taking The Path of Least Resistance

3. I spend more time on Hobbies than on actual work. Hobbies come & go by the dozens. Current dominant is Photography. It has altered the way I see minute things in daily life. More importantly, it helped me make many good friends! Have become a spend-thrift with this hobby (Gladly)!

4. Music is The Panacea: Wanted to learn Violin when I was 6. But learnt Mridangam instead for 7 years while in Hyderabad. Used to play the Ghatam and Ganjira sometimes. I dont like it to be known, but my mother did make me attend Carnatic singing classes for 6 months! String instruments still hold a fascination though and as I drifted away from Carnatic to Western, my tastes altered drastically. Currently enjoy anything from Classic Rock to Heavy Metal. Iron Maiden being my favourite band.

5. Addicted to the Internet, Gadget-frenzy! (to those that I can afford!). (I'm yet another Software engineer!). Love Gaming.

6. I like the term ADIDAS - All Day I Dream About Sports. Used to play many sports like Cricket, Football until college. I'm a die-hard fan of Arsenal Football Club! Gunner Forever! :D

7. Astronomy is a fascination. Used to sit alone for hours on my terrace with a Sky map, Binoculars, torch etc trying to figure out constellations & nebulae. Star Gazing Gear!

8. Got to reading books rather late. A very slow reader. I prefer non-fiction books dealing with Philosophy, Science, biographies etc. But I always end up reading Fiction to improve my diction and writing style!

9. I love writing. Still prefer it to talking! All thanks to my Blog. Used to love writing mails to my friends. Dont do that anymore. I write poetry, haikus on my blog, on twitter and here on Flickr too. Its the only thing I like to do without being judged!

10. My Father is Tulu (language spoken in Southern Karnataka), mother is a Gujarati and both of them speak more than 8 languages fluently. I - Well I can only claim to know Hindi & English! Can speak Marathi, but dont. I know I can speak & read Tamizh, but Chennaiites differ! But I do wish I were a polyglot as my parents.

11. I love my mother's cooking. I love sweets. As a kid, I used to say that I'd marry a Bengali girl so that she could make me Rossogullas everyday!

12. I love any sort of puzzles.

13. I still haven't found my raison-d'etre in Life. Money is not a motivator. Neither is Fame. Still searching.

14. I crack terrible jokes. It is true that I used to be beaten up for doing this! In Mumbai people called it PJs or Hams. In Chennai people call it Mokkais or Blades.

15. I dont have many enemies. I dont like the idea of people disliking me. I can go to any length to make people like me. Maybe its a bad thing, but that's how I am!

16. I am choosy. I like something, I stick to it. Even after 5 years, I'm still in my first job! I make few friends, and keep them close.


And that's it. Done with the 16 points.

I tag

1. Bhakti.

2. Suraksha

3. Navneeth

4. Abubaker

5. Suraj

6. Arjun


If any of you haven't been tagged, then please consider this as an invitation to let me know more about you. Do write 16 things about yourself!

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Taken on December 27, 2008