Person who viewed the house last night:

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    Them: "This is really just a two bedroom, the third doesn't have a closet."

    One trip to Lowes, 20 minutes of time, Voila!

    There's your fucking closet. Now buy.

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    1. FluidPudding 95 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called The Girl is Crafty Like Ice is Cold, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

      It's an excellent closet!

    2. Ree Drummond / The Pioneer Woman 95 months ago | reply

      Is that a branding iron I see hanging there?

      I notice things like that.

    3. janatig 95 months ago | reply

      Ha! I thought that was really a group, and I totally wanted to join, FluidPudding.

    4. MelissaS 95 months ago | reply

      Oh you are good Angela. So very good.

      And yes it is an LS branding iron Logan's brother made for him. We have never actually used it. It went well in Max's vintage cowboy room.

    5. Nothing But Bonfires 95 months ago | reply

      What the hell? Why would they say that? A room is not a room now if it doesn't have a closet? My bathroom is not a room! My living room is not a room! Hell, my last bedroom was not a room!

      All of my rooms are going to be having identity crises now, thanks to that idiot.

    6. Swiss Family Robinson 95 months ago | reply

      Let's hope the paint is the right color too! HA!

    7. jenplocher 95 months ago | reply

      This is awesome.

    8. alycethegreat 95 months ago | reply

      NBB: I had the comment when we put our house on the market that since we had removed the closet doors (which were fine and waiting patiently in the garage to be re-hung if anyone so chose), that the 3rd room was not "technically" a bedroom.

      I believe my reply was, "bite me."

      Melissa - they are so going to buy it! Good on you.

    9. lizziev 95 months ago | reply

      My youngest brother's bedroom does not have a closet. He has to walk about two feet to the bedroom next door, which has TWO closets, to get his clothes. THANK GOD he's going to college next year, where even though his bedroom will be the size of a shoebox and shared with a roommate, at least it has a closet. His suffering will end.

    10. mmmm, brains 95 months ago | reply

      Awesome. I hope they don't notice that that closet is full of rage.

    11. mmmm, brains 95 months ago | reply

      And of course the Pioneer Woman would notice the branding iron right away.

    12. erksh 95 months ago | reply

      My bedroom truly has no closet. We use a large closet in the hall. Technically, it makes us a two-bedroom house in the eyes of the city, which is fine by me for tax purposes.

    13. BeanBlossom 95 months ago | reply

      What about older homes (we had an 1880 house) without closets because they didn't make them back then? Is that a law/code thing or just some nit picky desiger or home buyer rule?

    14. andreainmi 95 months ago | reply

      Wow, I feel your pain. When we lived in Royal Oak, on Curry Ave, we had the same closet /staricase issue but we bought the house that way. We tore down the wall and out in a real staircase in the hallway and made a master bedroom/bathroom in the old attic. Here's to any perspective buyers having the vision to see what can be done to make the house theirs. And here is to you getting your dreamhouse. It will happen, it did for us. Unfortunately, we could not sell our house but we are renting it and now live in West Bloomfield. Anytime you need some advice, email

    15. MelissaS 95 months ago | reply

      That was always our plan too. The third bedroom would be come a tiny den/breakfast nook off the kitchen and the stairway would be opened up with a lovely banister. Upstairs would be a master bedroom with office and bath.

      Sigh. We had so many plans. I wish we could just move this house to a different hood.

      I will be emailing you. A friend and I are talking about going halves on this house and renting it out. Everyone wants to rent downtown but buyers are scarce.

    16. Jenn317 95 months ago | reply

      I don't get it? Did you put in a false wall....blocking the attic stairs? I'm totally confused. Either way - smart thinking on your part.

    17. quincejam 95 months ago | reply

      You could easily fetch 1200/mo (or a bit more) for your house, regardless of lack of garage and gnome basement. That's how much we get for our house at 13 & Main. It has a garage and a new kitchen with granite and stainless, but it's got smaller rooms, no dining room, and it's not right downtown. And at that rent per month, it's never been empty (probably a bit under market, but it's worth it to have a lot of interested parties and continuous occupancy). We find great renters each time (knock on wood), and they say most rental houses are so gross, they always give us a deposit on the first walk-through. It's been a relative breeze, and I'm sure yours would be too.

    18. MelissaS 95 months ago | reply

      No the stairs are accessible from the closet still. I just attached the shelf/bar to the wall with anchors. It's good because you can still easily take the shelf down if you have larger items to get up in the attic (like holiday decorations).

      The rental this is definitely on the platter. The problem is paying both the mortgage *and* maintenance out of the rent is frightening (thus the halves idea).

      We could quickly be financially sunk if we had to do something big to the place, especially with another house to maintain and a larger mortgage.

      It's in the "Desperate Measures" pile, behind glass with a hammer marked "In Case Of Emergency" and if I freak out you better believe I'll be breaking the glass.

      For now, I am remaining calm....well not calm. Drunk.

    19. mmmm, brains 95 months ago | reply

      Every time your site comes up on my rss feed, I get excited, hoping it is the post about you selling your house. *fingers crossed the new closet works this weekend*

    20. als likes 7's 95 months ago | reply

      My house (in Santa Fe) has 0!!! closets. I guess I have no rooms at all.

      I think your house looks great.

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