baby steps.

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    Yes my house is being sold alongside fabulous artwork.

    amusingly the woman who is a partner in SKBK (one of the K's) is the mother of Joleen and Karen I mentioned in this post ( ).

    Life is really weird.

    1. Ceece56 97 months ago | reply

      sweet! one step closer.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    2. sinda kate 97 months ago | reply

      so fancy! your house is worthy and will sell FAST!

    3. Working Closet 97 months ago | reply

      I'm all nervous for you! No wait I'm all nervous for ME! No, I'm nervous for BOTH OF US!

      I think I need a cocktail. Can Logan invent something called a Buy My House? It needs to be really REALLY strong. And cheap. A strong, cheap cocktail. THAT'S what I need.

      Fingers crossed.

    4. notes from the trenches 97 months ago | reply

      Now stand back while they beat a path to your door.

    5. GraceD 97 months ago | reply

      Hey! No snow on the ground! Congratulations on making it to Spring.

    6. Xiobhan 97 months ago | reply

      DOihear300hundredthousandopeningbid300hundredthousand325!Wehave 325!350!3hunnerfiftythousandDOIhear4004hunnerthousand…

    7. MelissaS 97 months ago | reply

      Well yeah, no snow but it's a balmy 42 degrees. April can be a huge bitch. But late April's been even bitchier in the past.

    8. imacolata 97 months ago | reply

      Hey Melissa, this picture used to have a black bar on the phone number and now it doesn't. Is that okay? I'm just checking to make sure ...

    9. MelissaS 97 months ago | reply

      Yeah, my realtor asked if I'd give her the exposure. I'm learning! Ask first.

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