• I fear I am gaining back weight. Must work out. Must cut indulgences in half.

Assembling Valentine's Day Treats.

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  1. strass 99 months ago | reply

    I think it's cool that you have lamps in your kitchen. Fluorescent light makes me want to kill someone.

  2. MelissaS 99 months ago | reply

    We have lamps because the flourescent light was torn out and now we're trying to rig up the drywall and new light. Soon. Hopefully soon.

  3. posthipchick 99 months ago | reply

    You are such a good mom.

  4. Meghan Sharkey 99 months ago | reply

    Your haircut continues to be fabulous. How many weeks has it been? By this time mine has gotten all funky and needs to be chopped off again, but yours just gets better. Lucky.

  5. MelissaS 99 months ago | reply

    Six weeks on Friday. But I'm getting it cut tomorrow.

  6. CursingMama 99 months ago | reply

    In this picture you look a lot like that mom that makes me look bad. I know you're not that mom; but the valentines I sent with Princess today are soooo store bought, cheap, and totally assembeled by an 11 year old. Maybe next year (I crack myself up)

  7. MelissaS 99 months ago | reply

    It was actually really easy and usually I do just send store bought ones.

    It's the prozac...well and writing the buzz off that's inspiring me.

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