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Am I asleep?

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Alice asked me when I came back to the green room, "Were you falling asleep during the interview?"

I don't remember falling asleep. But I do remember looking at Meredith and thinking "Am I having a nightmare right now?"

However, it does look like I'm asleep.

  1. Adventures with Amy [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

    No, you were just restraining yourself from jumping over and strangling Meredith. Great composure!

  2. sprkels 100 months ago | reply

    I am totally imagining you lifting your arm and pooping her one right in the face with the back of your hand.

  3. Eden (Mrs.) Kennedy 100 months ago | reply

    Poop her one in the face!

  4. KoobyChelle 100 months ago | reply


    She said "poop."

  5. Dani esq. 100 months ago | reply

    sprkels just made my day. poop her in the face! hee! ahhh... that's not going to get less funny.

  6. emilym 100 months ago | reply

    Clearly you had too many cocktails before this interview. you lush. ;)

  7. veg4me 100 months ago | reply

    Maybe you're not sleeping, maybe you're working on a poop.

  8. Karianna 100 months ago | reply

    Yeah, you looked down a couple times, probably to stifle your disbelief.

  9. Nothing But Bonfires 100 months ago | reply

    I thought you were counting to ten and taking deep breaths....

  10. Kim+5 100 months ago | reply

    As a mother of three under 2 yrs old I advocate the consumption of alcohol in front of them. How else are they going to learn to fetch Momma a beer? Kidding aside, you did great and I agree whole heartedly that it is better for kids to see their parents drink responsibily at home. Why does having a drink have to be hidden like it is something to be ashamed of? Good job not choking anyone.

  11. giddygirlie 100 months ago | reply

    you should have told them how the best cocktail shaker is a sippy cup

  12. *Mama*Bear* 100 months ago | reply

    You know how awesome it would have been if you really did pass out? I mean, you could totally blame it on the boose.

  13. Amanda Banana 100 months ago | reply

    Her top is more low-cut and gaping than yours, Melissa. That means she's the worser mother - she's setting a slutty example for her children by parading around like that, wearing adult clothing.

  14. jen14221 100 months ago | reply

    loved your boots

  15. kiddharma 100 months ago | reply

    I just remembered I caught the tail end of your "interview" last week, and what I recall is a quick look from you, just before they cut away, sorta like "what kinda smack is Meredith talking now?!?"
    Harumph. "Healthy alternatives", indeed....

  16. The Blythe Spirit 100 months ago | reply

    You're not asleep, you're focusing your energy so you can do one of those Matrix kicks at Meredith and Dr. Joyce when the cameras are off. Your boots rock, they could totally be Matrix boots.

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