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Illumination Theory | by Subhadip C, AFIAP
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Illumination Theory

Why do I take photographs? I am not a commercial photographer, I donot sell any prints, nor does any publication buy my images, nor do my images hang in galleries and homes. I do not win awards in photo contests, maybe only once in a while in a small time contest and that too against the grain, but still I love taking images, capturing the world in my own way. My images do not bring in anything, then why, I wonder, all the effort and the time, and then I introspect, and I realise that it gives me total happiness. In the field, camera in hand I’m oblivious to the rest of the world, just immersing myself in finding my ideal frame, forgetting for those few hours all the trials and tribulations of life, and I relive those moments again, in front of the computer screen, working on those images, and for the time it takes me to process, I again get lost in my own personal world, a felicitous world.

This is one of those images, where I sat on the edge of the cliff with the Kshaid Dainthlen falling down beside be, beautiful light all around, I was so at peace with myself, a meditative state, one could say. Few days later, in front of the monitor, the same feelings once again. I wish all I could do was take images, but then real life gets in the way.

At Sohra, Meghalaya, India.



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Uploaded on September 10, 2016