8static 21 September 2011
8static 21
September 10th, 2011

Animal Style (PHL)
Doomcloud (CT)
Danimal Cannon (NY)
Chromacle (PHL)

Armed with nothing more than an iPhone 4, Emily K. Feder started filming chip shows in October 2010. Less than a year later, she’s posted more than 1,000 videos and attracted almost 64,000 viewers on her YouTube channel, the Chip Music Chronicle. Emily is dedicated to capturing and presenting a true-to-life visual and audio representation of the live chip experience — “to document chip music performances with complete sets, tracks and good quality audio and video that properly captures the mood of these performances; to do justice to the hard work these people put into the scene and provide a chronicle of that dedication; and to provide all performers with an equal voice and eliminate the gate-keeping element.” Join her before this month’s 8static to learn more about her mission, see some highlights from her massive library and get an inside look at what goes into shooting guerilla-style chip vids.
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