8static 09 August 2009
8static 09
August 22nd, 2009

Covox (SE)
Nullsleep (NYC)
OxygenStar (CT)
Ro-Bear (PHL)

Paris Treantafeles (NYC)

Pro Audio Workshop
“Know Your Sound: Making friends with your Mixer”

Now that you’re finished writing your E.P. (Bit Shifter is going to love it!), it’s time to play some shows and record that lovely music for all the world to hear. But getting the best quality sound out of your Gameboy/Commodore 64/Circuit-Bent Pikachu depends on a lot of factors, and figuring out how all those glorious lo-fi sounds fit together in a mix can be a tricky task.

Fear not, audio engineer Gabe Liberti of 2 Player Productions will be your guide as you explore the hidden depths of your esoteric audio equipment. By understanding proper gain staging and seeing the joys of retaining dynamics in your mixes, you will suddenly find yourself in a place free of unwanted harmonic distortion and wimpy sounding WAV kick tracks.
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