8static 08 July 2009
8static 08
July 18th, 2009

Starpause (SF)
Animal Style (PHL)


PIGGY TRACKER, compose or dj with a joystick:
In this workshop you will learn how Starpause (Jordan Gray) makes music and DJs with his Sony PSP running PIGGY TRACKER. Along the way will be some insights to cracker/demo/compo culture. Finally, there will be a hands on workshop where you learn how to install and configure PIGGY TRACKER on your device of choice. IN/OSX/NIX laptops are all fair game (especially if you have a USB joypad) as well as cracked PSP or the linux GP2X handheld. Or if you prefer to just sit back and sw0p some 5iles that’s cool too! Ambitious buggers can get a head start with the tutorial videos at littlegptracker.com/docs.php
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