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    My favourite fruit!

    Blog post at Tamarind and Thyme.

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    1. pengrin™ 92 months ago | reply

      those are yummy.. I wished they sold them in the states..

    2. erica2368 92 months ago | reply

      o wow i have never seen these before or heard of them. this is a great photo. thanks for posting in the group.
      [seen in the ilovefood group]

    3. QSNguyen 92 months ago | reply favorite !!! love them....but they're too expensive here in the US...

    4. vagabondsareus 92 months ago | reply

      Oh my gosh! This is my absolute favorite fruit in the world. I used to eat them all the time while growing up in Bangkok.... I have only found them in cans here and they just don't cut it!!

    5. su-lin 92 months ago | reply

      pengrin: That's a shame! Some import laws, I guess...

      erica2368: Thanks!

      Blue Kingdom: Ah! They are available then... or perhaps now they're available but weren't before? Yes, they're expensive. Damn those thick inedible skins.

      vagabondsareus: Cans?! I bet it doesn't cut it! I can't even imagine how they'd change once canned. I've also come across mangosteen drink...that tastes nothing like a mangosteen.

    6. ventdroit 92 months ago | reply

      Mmmm. The perfect fruit.

    7. su-lin 92 months ago | reply

      misoponia: yes, I think so too!

      julian.livsey: I didn't know Sainsburys have them! And I know that exotic things cost an arm and a leg at Sainsburys! Yes, fresh is very very good!

    8. jjm86m [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

      uh so i want some.... now! Its been too long since i've had some. I heard they are selling in new york for 15 bucks a piece.... thats insane....

    9. jaZzjazZerjaZzest 92 months ago | reply

      nice shot of a nice fruit~~~i use to eat this a lot when i was traveling south east asia. aww i miss those days.

    10. lljjss 92 months ago | reply

      they just had a piece on mangosteens on NPR last week! I was wondering what on earth they looked like! can you compare them to something else in taste? they remind me of the underneath of the yellow water lilies that grow in the ponds near me...

    11. su-lin 92 months ago | reply

      jjm86m: $15!

      jazzjazzerjazzest: Thanks! I do agree - they're very nice! Last time I was in South East Asia though, they weren't in season. :(

      julian.livsey: even at $10 a piece, we'd make a killing!

      lljjss: A search online told me that the mangosteen tastes like a mix between vanilla, strawberry and peach. :P Um...I just like to think that it tastes unique!

    12. avlxyz 92 months ago | reply

      i think they go for about AUD6 each here, for mangosteen with yellow spotted skin. Not really worth it.
      I'd rather pay for a ticket to SE Asia to eat it fresh :)

      u're right, the taste of mangosteens tastes like... mangosteen! :P
      although, taste-wise it is a bit sour like strawberry and sweet like a peach, but there is a vanilla fragrance to it, and there is definitely a tropical taste to it too, and a bit grape-y :P

    13. bubbly toes [deleted] 92 months ago | reply

      Yum! These are my favorite too, discovered on my trip to Thailand 2 summers ago. I've seen them at some asian grocery stores here in Canada but very expensive. I think they taste like very sweet rhubard that dissolved in your mouth.

    14. su-lin 92 months ago | reply

      avlxyz: Yikes! So they're expensive everywhere except South East Asia! Hehe...they taste like so many things, don't they?

      bubbly toes: Hehe... I like your name! Ah, good to know they're also available in Canada!

    15. mingyahu 63 months ago | reply

      agreed favourite

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