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  • there is a BABY IN HERE. a baby who will have to grow up one day and see this. THIS. gahh - AmyChop
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Classy yearbook photo

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half naked? Check.
Pregnant? check.
Gay dude? Check
ass-grabbin? Check
Shitty tattoo? Check.

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  1. Eden (Mrs.) Kennedy 73 months ago | reply

    Aw, man, you guys! They're IN LOVE.

  2. Erin! 73 months ago | reply

    See, I just assumed they were in heat.

  3. patronics 73 months ago | reply

    photoshopping out lots of acne and cranking up the outer glow? check.

  4. pagalina 73 months ago | reply

    holy fucksticks. less than speechfull.

  5. zonavar [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

    Love it - so cheeky and really yummy!

  6. joepyrek 73 months ago | reply

    i should have never gotten that tatoo...but at least this picture sits proudly on our mantel...and mommy and baby are doing great!

  7. gisou 73 months ago | reply


  8. Cyndiblock Talk 73 months ago | reply

    I wonder if the photographer was all " Totally great idea guys.. very original, I love it."

  9. aka Buddy 73 months ago | reply

    No No No... This was a poster to promote safe sex in schools. Those two are actors. Did you think this was real?

  10. styro 73 months ago | reply

    ^^^^^^Somebody likes ruining a good time.^^^^^^

  11. JamiJett 73 months ago | reply

    Well it's a good poster then. Certainly creates a stir.

  12. eyduck 73 months ago | reply

    Of course, now the question is - Was it meant to inspire or warn?

  13. giddygirlie 73 months ago | reply

    I respectfully refuse to believe that these are actors. they are dumb teenage parents and jeebus is real.

  14. eyduck 73 months ago | reply

    (I'm with Giddy. That ain't no belly pillow...)

  15. giddygirlie 73 months ago | reply

    come on, eyduck, let's go write our letters to Santa

  16. aka Buddy 73 months ago | reply

    Ah, hell no. That ain't no PSA poster... that's their wedding announcement!

  17. Erin! 73 months ago | reply

    THAT'S the spirit!

  18. Plaid Ninja 40 months ago | reply

    This is definitely the most interesting result of a search for "fried chicken"

  19. styro 40 months ago | reply

    Yeah, you're welcome. I was for many years a member of a list-serv called "Fried Chicken" which sent out ridiculous photos, which I'd store here for posterity. The internet makes you stupid!

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