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    1. bartacamus 65 months ago | reply


    2. Jan Egil Kristiansen 65 months ago | reply

      @bartacamus: Yes, all dolphins are whales, and these whales are dolphins. You are right in noting that they are dolphins, but also wrong: the are pilot whales.

    3. bartacamus 65 months ago | reply

      you are making me sick Mr. Jan - and I tell you something - STOP pretending as being so educated in that matter and as a sort of man of tradition... everything you say here is PATHETIC and PRIMITIVE to the point that it deserves banning from Flicker - tell me do you do this to provoke people like me? coz if yes I'm letting you know that 60,000 fans of Sea Shepherd have been informed about YOUR ACTIVITIES and I'm reaching out to people who are willing to at least stop you from posting such brutal pictures on public sites - it is ridiculous and you should know that. Your comments such as "Hopefully 50% percent of those whales were female" - are CRAZY... If you want go and set up a website where you and your whale killer friends will gather and cheer to every blood bath picture - but don't post them here... AND PLEASE ONCE AND FOR ALL STOP calling this PRIMITIVE AND BARBARIC action some sort of tradition...

    4. Jan Egil Kristiansen 65 months ago | reply

      Being banned from Flickr would hit me hard. But not save any whales.

      I don't censor your comments - in return I expect you to not report my Flickr account. But if you do, I trust the tone of your comments will speak my case.

    5. Thomas Salgado 65 months ago | reply

      Freedom to post photographs according to the rules.

    6. bartacamus 65 months ago | reply

      I'm not going to report you - I don't report on people!
      I'm only hoping you will STOP posting pictures that are so violent and praising them as "beautiful", "romantic" etc etc etc... :(

    7. bartacamus 65 months ago | reply

      u know what surprises me JAN - that you do take beautiful pictures of beautiful places, animals, people - you seem to be a man who enjoys beauty and life... YET you do take photos of whales and dolphins being slaughtered, or acquire them and find their content equally "interesting"... I seriously would like to make a documentary film on you, your people, and this whole thing - to answer my questions - and find a solution - peaceful solution though...

    8. Jan Egil Kristiansen 65 months ago | reply

      There is a lose/lose solution coming: Already there is a health warning on pilot whale meat; when people stop eating it, the hunt will end. Bad for the whalers, but even worse for the whales. Capt. Watson seems quite pleased, but I don't understand his priorities.

      More generally, we should not confuse what's beautiful with what's right. The painter Sámal Joensen-Mikines made a lot of whaling pictures. But I think his whaling might be a metaphor for life's general cruelty. Something like the Reaper Man. Or the beautiful murders in The Silence of the Lambs. Should we be ashamed if we enjoy the staging of NSDAP's 1934 party congess? I don't think so. I'd really like Vegans too to see the [sad] beauty of dead whales.

    9. bartacamus 64 months ago | reply

      I think yes - people who enjoy staging of NSDAP 1934 party congress - should be ashamed... and sad beauty of dead whales is not beautiful it rather brings memories of genocide mass graves in Rwanda, or gas chambers filled with dead bodies in Auschwitz Birkenau... - there is nothing beautiful about it... BUT some people find it attractive and call it beautiful... I can see where this comes from - probably from the way people are brought up and what they face as children and throughout their lives - but I will never agree with you that half cut open dolphin as this one (flipper for that matter) : resembles any sorts of beauty - it's pure barbarism - and should be stopped - simply because Dolphins are known for recognizing their 'self' - meaning they know, like us that they exist - there were many tests done by people since 1960's who trained dolphins and lived with them and they proved extensively the fact that dolphins and whales as well - DO react in a same way as human beings when they see their image reflected in a large mirror placed underwater... and many other facts... you see Jan my grandfather took pictures of Dolphins and admired them, while yours made a living on killing whales - that is probably what differs
      I just don't understand that you who - again - takes pictures of pure beauty of nature around you - find a cut open whale similarly beautiful ... it just doesn't work for me, and I hope you could see my point somehow...

    10. BuildabearvilleRox 61 months ago | reply

      They've actually made the Red Sea...
      But not in a pleasent way...
      I was thinking of dumping a lot of red coolaid in the sea to make it red, but Naah! but really? why is their tradition like that? what has this world become!!!!!!!!!

    11. W i l d e r n e s s g a l [deleted] 60 months ago | reply

      Yep, the only reason why man exists in the world today is because primitive man did these things... I'm glad he did too because I am here alive in this world.

      People are so disassociated with "the real world " and where food really comes from, it's sad. It doesn't matter WHAT YOU EAT, as YOU CAN'T HAVE LIFE WITHOUT DEATH! Even vegetables have to die to feed vegetarians & etc so they aren't exempt as much as they like to pretend.

      I love reading about man's past eating habits & health in comparison to modern man's lack of health

      Thanks for adding this photograph to my group, I really appreciate it!
      (Who was raised as a vegetarian/no longer is, and raises her own food vegetables & meat included/butchers her own as she doesn't like animal abuse... )

    12. Jan Egil Kristiansen 60 months ago | reply

      I have to read up on whaling history. But I think the Faroe Islands once had 40 years without any whale kill, and that no man took part in the hunt on both sides of the gap - the skill was preserved by a man who had been a keen observer as a boy.

      Even with longer life spans and better documentation tools, there's no way the whaling skill could survive a 40 year break in these days. But maybe I should document Faroese style potato production and peat harvesting.

    13. timtak 53 months ago | reply

      Interesting photo. Thank you.

      About the beauty of blood....I think that you have mentioned the beauty of the blood (if it was not you then sorry).

      Maybe one of the reasons why people object to this photo, and to the act is because they are afraid to face up to the blood that is coming their own way. We are all going to die like the whales in this photo. In a sense we are all going to be slaughtered. A cancer will cut through us. Or a surgeon will cut through us to remove that cutting cancer. Or we will have a stroke - a blood letting in the brain. Or our heart, our blood will stop, burst, go places that we do not want it to go to.

      And here we are, swimming our way through the world, our choices are limitless, but at the end of the day there is the slaugher waiting at the end. "Like a dog," said Kafka. We are all approaching this picture. We are all part of the picture. We are all killing things (Vegans? Jains?) and being killed. This is our reality. And there are those that prefer to look away.

    14. Jan Egil Kristiansen 53 months ago | reply

      Whaling as a metaphor? Yes, that's how I read the whaling paintings of Sámal Joensen-Mikines. And why did Bram Stoker choose a whaling town for Count Dracula to come ashore?

    15. timtak 51 months ago | reply

      "REMEMBER - the WORLD is watching"

      And it is indeed. I think that this is the point. Here we can see the blood.

      Forget the fact that the animals being killed here had a far far (far...) better life than those that are killed in their *millions* every day in abatoirs, forget the untold, and unphotographed, suffering of the *millions* of battery farmed animals, and pick on those that eat the meat of happy, free animals; after all, you can see the kill.

      Alas, the world does not get the same sort of chances to see inside the abattoirs, and go to protest therein. If people did, then perhaps protestors would find better use for their time.

    16. nima72 41 months ago | reply

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    17. bb1441 32 months ago | reply

      God has put certain creatures upon the earth for food, but i think the real story here is some people like to exploit how that food was brought here. I think its pretty disturbing to take picture of this unpleasant thing and splatter it all over the internete and get a thrill out of such a hurrendous picture. You all should be totally ashamed of yourself. All this world really cares about is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and they don't care how they get it.

    18. Jan Egil Kristiansen 15 months ago | reply

      That's interesting when using Getty Images - I don't know if the use at is legal or not.

    19. AndrewRus77 58 minutes ago | reply

      These people are sick.

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