• The rope drum?
  • But what are these things called? Windlasses? I think I've seen them called 'cylinders', but they are not quite cylindrical?

Steam winch

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Are those three wheels called 'windlasses'? Or what? I've heard 'nokke' in Norwegian?

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  1. Peter Turvey 105 months ago | reply

    This looks like a typical steam winch, with rope drums

  2. vruba 104 months ago | reply

    Yes, those are windlasses.

    When we visited Norway, my father, a skipper who speaks only English, said that he could actually have conversations about boats because so many of the words were similar. Not nokke, I suppose.

  3. carpy1912 103 months ago | reply

    Hi there,
    This is common style of deck winch,usually found on the deck
    of a steamship. Many were made in the Newcastle area of the UK.
    They were used for the lifting power of the derricks(booms) for loading the hold from the dock.A large Liner could have as many as12+ of these. The spools on the shaft were usually called warping ends and the drum in the centre was called the barrel.The small odd shaped drum by the guard is the clutch,which was used to select the
    function you required on the machine. A windlass has a similar but different function,in that it would be used for lifting the anchor and so had a pair of special spools that had deep notches to grip the anchor chain,the steam drive was the same but was mounted (usually) inside the frame. I am in the process of making a model of one of these machines so I would love to have more pictures of this one and also as many measurements as possible.I hope this information is useful to you. regards, Ted.

  4. Jan Egil Kristiansen 103 months ago | reply


    I'll see if I have - or can get - some more.

    As you can see on the right side of the page, I have made a group for this winch, and if I got my clicks right, you are invited. The pool has 9 photos now, but I think you have to join the group to see the last 4?

    This winch is made in South Shields, that's Newcastle, isn't it?

  5. tigerweet 103 months ago | reply

    South Shields is near to Newcastle, it's the town on the southern bank of the mouth of the Tyne. (and the local name for South Shields inhabitants is "sand-dancers"!)

  6. carpy1912 103 months ago | reply

    Hello Jan,
    I have now joined. Thanks for those other pictures,already I am learning new things.When you get a chance to go back,don't forget your tape measure,as this is an occasion when size is important.
    By the way,as you may have gathered,I seem to have lost your last email which is why I am going through this system.
    Regards, Ted.

  7. drmiller2008 86 months ago | reply

    Is there an principle stated which constitues the mechanical law of all winches?

  8. Jan Egil Kristiansen 86 months ago | reply

    Is that a mechanical question? Or a language question, the definition of a 'winch'?

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