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Okpo-Land merry-go-round 4

Okpo-Land merry-go-round 4 Okpo-Land main entrance Okpo-Land ticket booth Okpo-Land entrance Okpo-Land merry-go-round 1 Okpo-Land merry-go-round 2 Okpo-Land merry-go-round 3 Okpo-Land ticket booth 2 Okpo-Land abandoned dodgems 1 Okpo-Land abandoned dodgems 2 Okpo-Land roller-coaster simulator Okpo-Land pirate boat 1 Okpo-Land Big Boot Okpo-Land overgrown roller-coaster Okpo-Land pirate boat 2

Abandoned Fun-Fair in Okpo, on the southern island of Geoje. Has been shut since 1999, after a 4 year old girl died after being thrown out of one of the high speed rides.

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