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Weird faces n°1: The happy new year look

Bonne année les gens! j'espere que vous lui survivrez!

happy new year! hope you'll survive it!



This a list of the movies i've seen last year:


Another year

We are four lions

Le Dernier des templiers

Les chemins de la liberté

A king's speech


Black swan

Halal police d'etat

Jewish connection

127 heures

True Grit

Sans identité


The Fighter

World invasion

Le marquis


Hell driver

Easy money

Sucker Punch

The company men

Scream 4


Detective Dee

Animal Kingdom

L'aigle de la 9eme legion

Minuit a Paris

De l'eau pour les elephants

The tree of Life

Source code

Pirate des Cara4


Le complexe du castor

Very bad trip 2

La conquete


The prodigies



Balada trista

X men origins

I saw the devil

I'm still here

Case depart

The murderer

Super 8

Bad teacher

Planet of the apes origins

Mes meilleurs amies

Horrible bosses

Cowboys and aliens


This must be the place

Crazy stupid love


We need to talk about kevin


Another Earth

The Thing

Les trois mousquetaires 3d

The Artist


De bon matin

tintin 3d

paranormal activity 3

les marches du pouvoir



l'ordre et la morale


Les immortels

In Time



A Dangerous Method

Mission Impossible 4


i hope i'll see more before the end of the world!



Top 5 best movies that i've seen on the big screen:


1) I saw the devil.

loved it! brutal, crazy, korean. fuck yeah.


2) 127 heures.

crazy James Franco, a girl fainting in the theater, how much can you ask for?


3) The tree of life.

weird, beautiful and simple. people actually leaving the theater during the movie, i haven't seen that a lot in my life.


4) The murderer.

when your first movie is Chaser and your second one is The murderer, you are my friend for life. two Korean movies in the top five and that's cause i've pretty much seen only two korean movies this year i guess.


5) Easy money/Animal Kingdom.

Swedish gangster movie/australian gangster movie. i couldn't pick between those two, they are good in their own ways.



French movie of the year: Polisse. it kicked ass!



Top 5 worst movies that i've seen on the big screen:


1) Warrior.

that is the worst UFC flick that have ever happened and i've seen a few. crazy bad, and people give it a lot of props, i don't know why.


2) Immortals.

wow, absolutly bad. producers of 300, they got the money, they don't have Zach Snyders talent, it shows.


3) Contagion.

Worst end of the world story ever. it's like a new year movie with lots of movie stars collecting their checks, disgusting.


4) Tron revival.

you can't just mess up Jeff Bridges like that. it's not nice.


5) Thor.

there is not much more to add, it's bad.



i need to say that battle los angeles world invasion was awfully bland and that planet of the apes origins was a void of nothingness. i feel better now!



i have put 737 pictures on flickr last year, which means two 365, kinda!



i hope you are not feeling too bad from last night :)

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Taken on December 29, 2011