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    A tiny fly (or something) caught in a spider's web.

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    1. jeff.white18 (90%) 34 months ago | reply

      stunning details, I'm just glad we're at the top end of the food chain.........superb photography my friend :-))

    2. Sad Saint 34 months ago | reply

      I love the top one - and a great series Rachael.

    3. Evergreengirl 34 months ago | reply

      Each one is stunning, but I absolutely love the way everything appears to be dipped in silver in the first shot.

    4. Bwantaloupe Iguanito [deleted] 34 months ago | reply

      Oh Rock... You and me are like Michael Jackson. When I think of you I think of some music video with Michael in it from the 80's. Something in which he all of a sudden and totally unexpected, ends up in some kind of dance off with zombies... Like a peaceful shootout... Nobody gets hurt and beautiful things are created... And I am not talking about Michaels nose here... Anyway.. Every time I think I have a great MACRO shot all of a sudden you dance into the picture... Of course, you don't look like Michael... I can tell you what you look like in my vision but then you'd accuse me of being sexist... Oh yes, you are wearing clothes, but they just don't fit the photog image... Anyway, I di.. dis.. dur.... uhmm... loose my train of thought.. yeah... So here you all of a sudden show up with some monster camera, dancing into my shot... And you roll into all kinds of glamour poses weird positions to take that perfect MACRO shot... Which trumps my shot of course... And I get left standing around with my stupid combat pants and boots (Since I am shooting in Texas and we have many creatures that like to eat you if you are wearing a speedo like creation as you are)...

      To recap. Your macro makes me feel inadequate. Not completely foolishly inadequate, but just that twinge of "OMG, I was beaten by some chick!!" kind of inadequacy... Not that you are a chick of course, being respectable and a mom and all, but you know what I mean... My penis got trumped... And with penis I mean camera, because really, that's what the long lenses are all about in the end right???

      Pfew. I feel better.

    5. Alan1954 34 months ago | reply

      Such amazing detail

    6. Tcguy56 33 months ago | reply

      Great set of macros Rachael!

    7. tiikka 33 months ago | reply

      Great shot - and I think Arno has been to an amsterdam coffee house. Love the exquisite detail and the delicate feel to this death trap. Pangs of empathy are overcome by the knowledge that this is nature - and nature is a cruel mistress...

    8. Studyjunkie 33 months ago | reply

      !! Steady on the coffee, and Amsterdam, Arno. ;o) I like being called a chick. it makes me feel younger.

    9. VWSelburn 33 months ago | reply

      Superb set of photos Rachael. Some beautiful creatures about!

    10. David Henry 2009 33 months ago | reply

      Fabulous macros! Insects are such fascinating creatures and you obviously have a gift for finding them and taking such amazing photographs.

    11. valka49 33 months ago | reply

      At least they die in beauty! I love the fragility of this.

    12. areyarey 33 months ago | reply

      you always spin a magical webb Rachael, fabulous work !

    13. Giles Watson's poetry and prose 33 months ago | reply

      *Desperately tries to identify the insect in the top image* - can't be a fly, because it has four wings... a gall-wasp? But it is the little strands of mould - which might be frost in another season, which somehow make the image so poignant, and so strangely beautiful...

    14. Studyjunkie 33 months ago | reply

      Ah, is it mould? I was wondering. It was such an unusual looking critter. And tiny, about the size of an aphid.

    15. ria_and_her_eye 33 months ago | reply

      Wow, a wonderful series of shot. I liked the way you captured all the details of this tiny creature.

    16. Jackie & Dennis 33 months ago | reply

      Super set of shots Rachael.

    17. Christopher Goldsack 33 months ago | reply

      Well, this is one way to keep a fly still for macro! Great detail - particularly the top one.

    18. tobyjug5 27 months ago | reply

      winged aphids

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