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Scars Tell Stories | by seikoesquepayne
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Scars Tell Stories

This camera tells a story.


Anyone who knows me knows I was in a brutal car wreck in 2011. Just about killed me. This was the camera on me in that wreck.


Some might find it morbid to have such a keepsake, but this camera was my companion through a rough transitional period in my life. I photographed an enormous amount of my early urban exploration work with it, and it served as my tool when inspiration took me into turning photography into more than just a hobby, but a business, and a way of life. It also saw the worrisome alcoholic tendencies of that same tumultuous period.


After the accident I sought to collect it from police evidence immediately. The envelope it came in was triple wrapped, with a warning that it was extremely bloody. What looks like dirt now, 3 years later, is actually my dried blood, caked both outside and within. Clearly it would never work again, and by 2011 the GF1 was a collector's novelty, hard to find and inflated in price.


Moving on from the trauma (that I've always denied) of the accident, I bought into Olympus' system instead being as there were no real GF1 successors in Panasonic's line. At the time, Olympus' E-P3 release became my immediate choice. Within 3 months of the event I was an Olympus devout. As my line of M. Zuiko primes expanded beyond the capabilities of my remaining Lumix glass, I gifted the leftovers of my old kit to close friends who still use them today.


I often say that I'll encase this thing in a plexiglass trophy case of some kind. A reminder that I survived and cleaned up the mess of a life I led before, however sloppily. Somehow I don't think my partner would approve, but I will hold onto this camera regardless. I'll never not be fond of its newfound symbolism.


So that's my story. As for technicals, this was shot on top of a busted plasma TV screen using a single FL-600R for lighting and vapor from my Nemesis Mechanical Mod for fog. Always learning tricks on nights alone with my thoughts.

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Taken on December 3, 2014