"KATAMARI" September 2nd, 2010
UPDATE 9/25!!! All pieces in the show are currently going up for auction! Now's your chance to own an original or an archival print of your favorite piece of Katamari inspired artwork. Follow this Blogspot for auction updates and links!
Floating World Comics in downtown Portland, Oregon proudly presents "KATAMARI". Themed after the wonderfully imaginative video game series by Keita Takahashi, with loving reference to Noby Noby Boy as well. This show is a fundraiser event donating 100% of the proceeds to Join PDX, a charity working to bring the homeless to a home.

Digital prints of the pieces are available at Floating World to purchase and all pieces will auction at the end of September. Shirts from PANIC are also available for purchase.

Learn more about the show here.

Contributing Artists:
Josh Agerstrand
Ashley Armbruster
Zachary Baldus
Rikki Barney
Jeffrey Brown
Tore Cheung
Celine Choo
Kyle Christophe
Michael Deforge
Byron Eggenschwiler
Jason JFish Fischer
G. Tiberius Flynn
Vincent Fritz
Ana Galvañ
Dustin UPSO Hostetler
Kiki Jones
Zane Kozak
Chris Kuzma
Ed Kwong
Carolyn Main
Le Merde
Stanley Lieber
Maximo V. Lorenzo
Sam McKenzie
Jesse McManus
Kinoko Powfox
Alex Puvilland
Luke Ramsey
Sarah Reimer
Kim Roberts
David Rubín
Jim Rugg
Karissa Sakumoto
Aleks Sennwald
Natalie Sept
Douglas E. Sherwood
Alëna Skarina
Katie Skelly
Pete Toms
Angie Wang
Jarrett Williams
Anthony Wu
Alexis Ziritt
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