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Neptune | by jan_clickr
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The past few weeks have been weird. I've been sick of my 365 and photography. So much that I did not even take my camera along when people came to visit us! I never do that :(

I am torn between not wanting to let this 365 ruin my love for photography and not wanting to give up.

Maybe it is not giving up . Maybe it is about realizing that I shouldn't treat photography like the other parts of my life where there are rules, deadlines and commitments. Maybe it should be just about doing what I love when I want to.

Maybe it is about realizing that while this project pushes some towards giving their best, I want to shoot by impulse.

While I write this I am realizing how I can no longer call my 365 a 365 because I've missed way too many days to catch up :) .I am glad I started it though. It gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment when I needed one badly. I was very enthusiastic at the start and did get some photos that I love and am proud of.

Anyways, think it's time I stopped my rant :)


Yesterday, I had this sudden urge to take a photo. I biked to a spot that I had in mind and took this.

It has been so long since I did a self portrait without my husband or Frodo with me. I was shy all over again :) I've realized it is the model part that makes me conscious. I couldn't care less about who is watching when I am just behind the camera :)


I stumbled upon this show called "Art star" ,but couldn't watch it. Anyone seen it? Is it good?

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Taken on April 23, 2012