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Portrait of a Man preparing to Balance a 100 Year Old Accordian on his Head | by Studio d'Xavier
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Portrait of a Man preparing to Balance a 100 Year Old Accordian on his Head

The We're Here challenge for today should have been easy for me. Zenas chose "Gone with the Wind" Margaret Mitchell's novel of the old South, the Civil War and Reconstruction. As a native of the South, I own a hat very similar to that of Rhett Butler. My daughter has a few dresses similar to Scarlett O'Hara's. I even have a few friends who are Sons of Confederate Veterans. And I have a Confederate flag that I have integrated into photographs before, most recently with Tyra.


However, a photograph celebrating the old South does nothing for me. Indeed, a friend has tried for over a year to get me to photograph my daughter in an antebellum dress in the Confederate cemetery. And even though my wife owns a signed first edition of the book, a photograph dedicated to Gone with the Wind holds little interest either. So I decided to balance a 100 year old accordian on my head. On review of the images, I preferred this one because of the shadows.


Shadows. They follow us. They are inescapable. I suppose that's why I avoided this day's challenge. I own the shell of a theater where Gone with the Wind first showed in my city. I remember grandparents who remembered parents who remembered Reconstruction. I remember the simmering disgust of "Damned Yankees." It is something very real to me, although I go through life refusing to acknowledge it's existence. And so, I chose to balance a 100 year old squeezebox on my head instead. And the shadows reminded me of wings. And I remember that I create shadows too.


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Taken on November 16, 2012