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You Chose Poorly | by Studio d'Xavier
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You Chose Poorly

You know, even I thought the hands that run flickr were more in touch with their customer base than this. Chosing Aviary as a replacement for Picnick was just woefully ignorant. One look at the Help forum shows how out of touch they are.


Now I understand that Picnick got bought out by Google yadda yadda, but finding a suitable replacement to integrate into flickr was easy. Just go for one with the same features and ease of use! That isn't so difficult....... Instead flickr choses a cell phone application that would have been laughable ten years ago. Here's a clue flickr...... Your core users take photographs with a DSLR, not a cell phone. They process them on a PC or a Mac, and enjoy taking the time to manipulate the image.


Now the truth is, I didn't use Picnick for much, but I know a lot of my flickr friends did. There is, however, a suitable replacement from rogue engineers at Picnick. It's similar, but slightly different. In time, I suspect it will match or surpass Picnick, as this is obviously where the programming talent is. Go to and enjoy editing your images again.


Happy Sliders Sunday!


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Taken on April 8, 2012