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28 Days Later | by Studio d'Xavier
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28 Days Later

What would the world be like without people? What would I photograph? When I was paired with Rob (aka dobseh) in the Get Pushed group, he immedately recognized that I photograph people.


Rob told me, "I got up to page 17 of your stream and I counted three shots that didn't include either a whole person or part of one. Sooooooooo; Your challenge is to take a scene that would normally contain people and capture it in such a way that it appears to be deserted. I'm thinking the empty streets of London scenes from 28 Days Later here. You can take the shot during the day or at night, but I would like it to be reasonably wide angle to give a feeling of emptiness."


This would not be an easy task. The last time I saw empty streets, the Saints were winning the Super Bowl. So, I set up a tripod and camera in the location I wanted. I considered the light and the street markings, and a couple of areas of movement. A flag and a fountain. Then I took a series of shots to layer in GIMP and remove the traffic and people.


Lastly, I wanted the image to project a feeling of sickness, of uneasiness. I processed the layered image to a greater contrast and tried to make the colors look as though my chemicals were lacking. Hopefully I captured the brooding and lonely world I would inhabit without the people I photograph.


Thanks for the challenge Rob. I hope I never see a world like this.


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Taken on October 16, 2011