FGR: "Pseudo-caring" or Truth in Advertising

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    Is this a law firm that does not understand basic grammar? Or are they playing to a clientele that knows no better? I suppose an attorney who is not ashamed of chasing ambulances would not be ashamed of erecting a billboard that indicates they failed third grade English.

    Perhaps they are just making certain their billboard is not misleading their clients................
    "We Care"......... "Shrewd".

    Flickr Group Roulette: "Quotation Mark" Abuse

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    1. Stacie was here... 47 months ago | reply

      Ok, as an editor, this makes me cringe, as a person with a sense of humor, once again, glad you had your camera!!!

    2. Dave77459 47 months ago | reply

      That's better than We "Care".

      Nicely spotted and thanks for playing my day!

    3. Jennoit 47 months ago | reply

      Oh this one is "priceless"!

    4. sometimes suzie 47 months ago | reply

      It is "funny" too. Great catch on this one.

    5. TheBigPineapple 47 months ago | reply

      Good catch. I think I'd prefer, "We" Care. :)

      Love your phrase, "quotation mark abuse" in the tags.

    6. ~ cynthiak ~ 47 months ago | reply

      Nice catch!! Quotation mark abuse is rampant!

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