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This is a promotional piece I plan to use in near future.

I feel my efforts to master the inking technique required for my next graphic novel is right within reach much that I actually manages to get it the way I want here in this drawing.

I actually struggled a bit with getting it right....did many sketches, and had it on my drawing table among all the other work for the best part of a week.

There is a backdrop in development, as seen here: in the consept sketch. So that this is not the finished product as of yet, but just first level...

After a lot back and forth I inked it on to a Canson A4 70 g _ 18 lbs. very good and relatively cheap paper...excellent for bleeding and no showing through.

I sketched on A3 crummy sketch paper (panduro A3 70 g wood free....absolutely useless for inking....but very cheap).

Then I scanned it and cleaned it up in Photoshop before I printed it on to Canson A4 70 g in a very faint fashion (barley detectable...)...somehow I get cooler ink lines when drawing a little small.....and the shadings can be done in a more brushy fashion with the big thick ink pens.

At the moment I am exclusively using "Edding" ink pens for my pictures and all inking purposes. They have proven to be a lot more versatile, durable, black, dynamic and brush like than anything else I have tried.

Like the "Sharpie" collection sworn to (aparently) by so many professionals in the trade...fucking useless, greyish black, in-consistent and no ink at all in the container...."Pilot" pens sworn to by so many amateurs (like me)....well just don't get me going on that crap.


OK I guess you get it he he I like the "Edding" pens.....and believe it if you can: most of them are refillable.

Together with one of the collections sported by "Letraset" "Letraset Tria Pantone colour ink pens" and you are set for your illustration/designer career as pro as need to be....




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Taken on May 30, 2009