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Surprise, Deer! | by LostMyHeadache: Absolutely Free *
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Surprise, Deer!

Now, there is quite a story behind this one: I am part of a wonderful photo challenge group, F64 Challenge.


Once a month or so, they have a 64 person photo challenge where you pick your photo and pit it against the photo of another randomly selected challenger of the remaining 63 players. Winner moves on to the next round, loser is out, and so on. What makes the group so interesting and fresh and, well, challenging, is that the photo you choose can only be from a recent to - from date, for example, this challenge's photo must have been taken between Monday and Sunday of this week.


So all week, while being super busy with work and personal errands and friend stuff, I had been stressing about whether I would be able to actually find the time to go out and snap a great photo for the contest! And trust me, you want a great photo; the photogs who play are damn skilled and do not mess around when it comes to quality, subject, and composition. I had gone for a couple nature walks earlier in the week, but nothing really spectacular, just some scenics and flowers and river shots.


But then today, when I had come straight home from work planning to walk through my neighborhood and into the Fish Creek Park for as long as it took for me to get a great shot (with Beefy in tow, of course!), after I had been out for about two hours and the weather was starting to go from hot sun to an approaching storm (it has been switching off and on between hot sun and light rain and mild temps all week), and I was really starting to hope I snapped something special soon because I knew rain was on the way, I saw a young boy standing at the edge of the forest, off the path, just standing perfectly still and staring at something.


Whatever he was looking at was blocked by trees, but I figured it must have been some sort of animal, so I very quietly moved over to where the boy was and saw this deer just sitting there munching, but still fairly far away from where I was.


I softly asked the boy if he would mind holding Beefy's leash for a little while, he agreed, and I (trying my best to be stealthy and not really succeeding, lol) crept closer and closer to this deer.


Finally I got within about 5 feet or so and knew that any closer than that and it would bolt, so I just started snapping away!


I got a LOT of really good, close, clear shots of this deer, it was the most amazing thing!


And now I have my entry for the contest!


What luck!


Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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Taken on July 27, 2012