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Another Glorious Sunrise | by LostMyHeadache: Absolutely Free *
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Another Glorious Sunrise

Taken on Wednesday or Tuesday morning on my way to work at about 5:55 AM, here is another glorious Calgary sunrise and proof that our AM sky shows are just as spectacular, if not more so, than our PM ones.


Of course, this was following a day of alternating between overcast and bright, bright sun, and that will always make for the crazy skies; it is because we in Calgary are lucky enough to be located in the Chinook Belt (click the blue link for more info on this interesting atmospheric phenomenon), which helps keep our weather fairly temperate, as well as providing us with amazing sky displays!


For those who don't feel like clicking the above link, here is what a Chinook is in a nutshell:


Chinook winds, often called chinooks, commonly refers to foehn winds in the interior West of North America, where the Canadian Prairies and Great Plains meet various mountain ranges, although the original usage is in reference to wet, warm coastal winds in the Pacific Northwest.


Chinook is claimed by popular folk-etymology to mean "eater" but it is really the name of the people in the region where the usage was first derived. The reference to a wind or weather system, simply "a Chinook", originally meant a warming wind from the ocean into the interior regions of the Pacific Northwest (the Chinook people lived near the ocean, along the lower Columbia River). A strong Chinook can make snow one foot deep almost vanish in one day. The snow partly melts and partly evaporates in the dry wind. Chinook winds have been observed to raise winter temperature, often from below −20 °C (−4 °F) to as high as 10–20 °C (50–68 °F) for a few hours or days, then temperatures plummet to their base levels. The greatest recorded temperature change in 24 hours was caused by Chinook winds on January 15, 1972, in Loma, Montana; the temperature rose from -48 to 9 °C (-54 to 48 °F).


So there it is! Now you all know why I have such a steady supply of amazing skies to photograph!


Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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Taken on May 30, 2012