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My iPhone Knows I am in Hong Kong. How?

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Has my iPhone evolved into a sentient being? Am I in the middle of a campy Star Trek episode where Data is trying to figure out what it "means" to be human?

I brought my iPhone with me to China so I could listen to music and flip through the albums with my fingers because it is cool rather than functional. But upon landing in Hong Kong, I got this SMS message: "Welcome to PEOPLE'S Hong Kong! Calling home / other countries? Dial ." You can zoom in to the maximum size to see the message yourself.

I thought this AT&T thing only worked in the US. That's what the man said to us, but now I have reasons to doubt the man.

How does my iPhone know I am in Hong Kong? A few weeks ago at a lunch with Will, we put our iPhones very close to one another on the table while we ordered our food. We were hoping that perhaps they would mate and spawn a third iPhone. But maybe what really happened is my iPhone started to learn from Will's iPhone. I don't know what it could have learned, other than how to dress conservatively and part your hair in such as way as to make you look one-quarter inch taller, but that does not explain the Hong Kong Recognition Enigma.

Perhaps my iPhone is confused and thinks I am Steve Jobs because I sometimes wear all black in speak like a vainglorious huckster. I cannot say for sure, but I will continue to explore what happens to the iPhone in various countries.

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  1. satosphere 82 months ago | reply

    Just make sure you don't get a sky high telephone bill as well.

  2. brynmeillion - JAN 82 months ago | reply

    Your nice new iphone has been doing a bit of roaming - we dont get iphones till later on this year - and my son has it on his christmas list already - wow is me:(( Nice to see apple in this field - if only for its design

  3. Denis Collette...!!! 82 months ago | reply

    You know what?
    In fifty years, the price of this outstanding piece of art will be at an all-time!
    Party time!!!!!!
    You’re #56
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  4. mandycakez 82 months ago | reply

    hahahaha nice photoshopping that pic onto your laptop

    p.s. iPhones are the DEVIL
    so wonderfully evil

  5. /\ltus 82 months ago | reply

    Haha; cool comment to an even cooler pic of the pic on your laptop!

  6. iceman9294 82 months ago | reply

    Hope your company doesn't go bankrupt when the AT&T Man sticks it to you for the roaming charges! ;-) Sweet set up.... I dig my new MacBook Pro 15 but couldn't imaging lugging a 17"..... You have a strong back...

    http://stuckincustoms.com/?PHPSESSID=fb438decb6318335cb098caa251ac698 (?)

  7. Martin Carela 82 months ago | reply

    Does this tell us that the iPhone has GPS?

  8. Thelonious Gonzo 82 months ago | reply

    The sweater you are wearing in this shot is shameful!
    It's so... Mr. Rogers. It may be a beautiful day in the Hong Kong neighborhood but you just can't be stepping out of the Marriott onto Harbour rd. taking such a fashion risk.
    BTW - What sort of watch is that you are dangling from your wrist? It's too fuzzy to make out in the reflection. Is it a Breitling? A Baume and Mercier? A Suunto X6-HR? It's not a Tag is it? TREY!! Tell me it's not a Tag!!! You might as well be sporting a Swatch dude!

  9. tri vo 81 months ago | reply

    peoples is the cell phone service i used in hong kong, you can buy 100 hk dollar prepay cards at any 7 11. but you cant put their sim in your card, so you'll have to pay at&t roaming . =(

  10. Oskar Krawczyk 80 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called AppleBlog, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  11. Daniele Cherenti | DCphotography 77 months ago | reply

    Beautiful desktop,it's a picture made from paradise..
    I love Iphone!!

  12. maels_alcano 77 months ago | reply

    Hm..?? an iPhone with a Macbook?? looks great ill gonna buy this!!!!

  13. buytees 76 months ago | reply

    It's a phone, of course it knows where you are. Never heard of roaming?

  14. chi88888chi 75 months ago | reply

    When I was in China I was with China Mobile and they kept sending me these welcome messages whenever I would be in a different city. It was a little freaky but Big Brother had already done freakier things than that to my cell phone so I wasn't that worried about it.

  15. ragethreedee 74 months ago | reply

    You're in the episode where you give free advertising to $pple and show off their i$hit.

  16. mudpig 70 months ago | reply

    congrats on the wiredblog use of this image - great shot too esp with your hk image on the screen.


  17. kelake 53 months ago | reply

    It gets annoying after awhile when you are roaming through different networks and you keep getting multiple sms as you go.

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