Hong Kong from the peak on a summer's night

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If you want to see how I made this (and how you can too!), visit my HDR Tutorial. I hope it gives you some new tricks!

I had a long day waking up at 5 AM to take a series of subways and trains up to Shenzen for some meetings. I had a Chinese VISA, which you don't need to get into Hong Kong, but I had to use to cross the official Chinese border after getting off the train. I didn't realize that it was a one-time use VISA, and I had to go to Shanghai the next day. This caused a lot of problems with the Chinese officials, a body of government with which I do not enjoy causing problems.

Anyway, after I got back to Hong Kong after a day in Shenzen, I was hot and sweaty and in the sort of meeting clothes that aren't great for being hot and sweaty in. But, everything about Hong Kong was still awesome and I had too look hard for things to complain about. The sun was setting, and I made it up to The Peak just in time for a shot.

This was a 5-exposure HDR shot at 100 ISO, and, of course, a sturdy tripod to get all the lights as steady as possible.

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  1. Trevor Modry 44 months ago | reply

    this photo inspired me to start photography, my favorite picture of all time. i'm addicted to these cityscapes and lights, as well as HDR

  2. Kom_bo 43 months ago | reply


    This image is a true Flickr's Legend!

  3. unicorn 81 43 months ago | reply

    perfect view

  4. J P | Photography 41 months ago | reply

    Very good job !!!! Waaaouhhhh

  5. Karmor 41 months ago | reply

    very cool

  6. Derek Cross Photography 40 months ago | reply

    Wonderful work, Trey. Always very inspiring for me.

  7. EssleyJane [drifting in and out for a few weeks] 40 months ago | reply

    Awesome! I went here in 2009 and it was sooo foggy - I couldn't see more than about three buildings!! I'm off there again in a couple of weeks so I'm hoping for better weather this time!

  8. Foto Studio Garrick 34 months ago | reply

    Great representationn.

  9. ☼Sol.Digital☼ [deleted] 32 months ago | reply

    Wonderful work!


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    Thank for the sharing
    Thanks for accept the invite!
    It is a pleasure to have you in our group.


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    ♥___Thanks for sharing___♥

  10. moondoggie71 26 months ago | reply

    Epic view count!

  11. Galaxyquest 13 months ago | reply

    Great colours and lights

  12. austinlam3 12 months ago | reply

    Awesome photo!

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