The Starlight in Downtown Los Angeles

Here is a crazy spot I found thanks to sweet sweet Stuck On Earth. I’ve been to downtown LA many times, and there are many good angles, but I think this one is just about one of the best.


There was a lot of waiting around, however. I had to wait for big busses to pass me on either side so I could set up for the long exposure.


Usually, I’ll take 5 exposures in these situations, but I do something a little special. I’ll take the quicker exposures right away (often 1 or 2 seconds). And then I’ll pause and wait for a bus or something before taking the longer exposures. I create the HDR then mask in the tail lights from the photos where I get the best trails. I made that sound easier than it is, I think.


-Trey Ratcliff


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Taken on February 28, 2012