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Adorable Chinese Girl

So, maybe the full title of this photo should be what I realized after I took the photo: "Adorable Chinese Girl OMG I Think She's About To Pee On The Street". But she didn't. She was just in that position. And her pants are kinda funky. Or maybe those are leg-warmers or something. I don't know... it's all confusing. Her mom was right by her, sitting on a set and eating rice. She smiled at me, and was very excited when I was taking a photo. Or maybe she was laughing because she thought it was funny I was trying to take a photo while her daughter was about to go to the bathroom. I really can't say!


But I did see lots of kids go to the bathroom in the street, on sidewalks, and this sort of thing. Not all the time, mind you, but they would just drop their business right there in the middle of a busy sidewalk.


- Trey Ratcliff


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Taken on October 7, 2010