The Shuttle Rips Space/Time at the End of an Era

I'll try to describe the sound. Since this is as close as you can get, and this is 3 miles away, it takes a while for the sound to get to you. And it does rush across the water in a rumbling, tumbling way like you might expect. But then, after that, something other than sound starts to come across the water. It's a series of concussive waves that vibrate your entire skeleton and thrum through your soul. It's not a steady din of vibration, but a violent staccato rhythm of unseen forces that cause a tremulous cadence around and through your chest. This is the final space shuttle launch of our lives. And so we could not help but be reminded of this finality when this unearthly sound combined with the final sight of the lonely craft arcing away into space.


- Trey Ratcliff


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Taken on July 8, 2011