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I wanted to share this photo I just took of a massive storm sweeping over the complex on the evening before the launch. I was supposed to be going over to the actual launch pad as night was falling to get a shot, but this storm started to roll in, upsetting those plans. The big structure you see on the other side of the flag is the Vehicle Assembly Building, and that blue structure you see to the left is the famous countdown-clock you always see in front of the press area before the launch. Right as I was taking this, an official lady from NASA ran into the field warning me that this was now a "Level 2 lightning alert!" I happen to be standing by another NASA Tweetup invitee, Lavar Burton. He asked, "Is that like a Level 3 diagnostic?" Greatness. He was a really cool guy, btw... I put up a photo of us together over on my Facebook Page.


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Uploaded on April 30, 2011