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Burning Embrace | by Trey Ratcliff
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Burning Embrace

NFT Party! This is gonna be an interesting experiment… join me in seeing what happens! The first release from Burning Man is called “Burning Embrace” ( ). I gifted this NFT to my friend Kevin Rose and he had the great idea to auction it off for charity! We chose two charities, and we’ll split evenly between them. Kevin chose the Mountain Cloud Zen Center and I chose As with all my Burning Man creations, I give 5% back to the original artist. In this case, it is Matt Schultz and the Pier Group. In some cases, the artists want me to donate their share to a charity.

The second one is called “In Every Lifetime, Fire Rages” and you can see its listing at

What the hell is an NFT, you are wondering? Hmmm… how to explain it. Think of it as bitcoin for art. Unique pieces of art are uploaded and authenticated in the blockchain. There is a trail of ownership that is in the public record. For example, ONE person will end up buying Burning Embrace above. They can just keep it and proudly display it online, and they can feed it to a display in their home if they wish. They can also resell it to another buyer at a higher price if they wish and pocket the profits.

It sounds a bit silly, I know… but a good analogy is baseball cards. People collect and sell baseball cards because they are limited and they have special meaning to the owners. If you can get your head around digital money like bitcoin, then it’s not a big cognitive leap to think the same way about digital art. It’s a brave new world… oh, and this is a limited time auction with just a few hours to go,

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Uploaded on March 21, 2021