The Tori Gate

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What a perfect post-storm dusk! I was going photo-crazy.

This is a replica of the exact same place I have been near Nikko, Japan. The Nikko one is quite hard to shoot! There are many things in the way, and setting up for the ideal shot is no easy matter. Plus, when I was in Japan, the sky was not so great that evening. It's the luck of the cards sometimes!

But this evening in Disney World was ultra-perfect. Epcot is the park that has all the little international areas. Japan, Germany, France, etc etc. It's all a little silly and fake -- but it's also very cool and scenic! I don't know how it can be both... but it is. Those Disney imagineers do an incredible job of making things look dreamy. I do the best I can to capture the magic as I saw it.

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  1. WhiteGoldWielder 84 months ago | reply

    great shot- superb!

  2. Gerry Chaney 84 months ago | reply

    This is a really nice composition Trey. I love how the curves go together..the foreground pebbles, the top of the structure and the highlight areas in the clouds.

  3. va1940 84 months ago | reply

    Great processing. Love it!

  4. Peter Griffiths 84 months ago | reply

    Great job Trey. Wonderful lighting

  5. DigitalSpool Photography 84 months ago | reply

    Incredible shot! You certainly have a talent!

  6. *Deadwords 84 months ago | reply

    Bonita nocturna. El tono del cielo excelente

  7. DELIA CEAUSOGLU 84 months ago | reply

    WOW!I Impressive! Great one!

  8. Bryan Nabong 84 months ago | reply

    great shot Trey! if it weren't for the golf ball, it could be Japan :)

    I had the same trouble with the Torii at Miyajima Island. The tides and the skies wouldn't cooperate.

  9. M.Reder 84 months ago | reply

    The reflections are amazing!

  10. Thanks to everyone, 500K+ views!! www.christopherw 84 months ago | reply

    Where all your dreams come true! Fab shot and happy memories.

  11. Robbie  Swan 84 months ago | reply

    an amazing photo!

  12. Photoscriber 84 months ago | reply

    Nicely captured

  13. langkawi 84 months ago | reply

    Fabulous shot. Disney? Wow.

  14. /\ltus 83 months ago | reply

    HA; thought this was Japan for a moment until I saw the Epcot dome in the background ;-) Nicely shot as always bud!

  15. Dark Blue Sky 82 months ago | reply

    This has to be a favourite I love the fantasy feel behind this shot ;-)

  16. 54StorminWillyGJ54 76 months ago | reply

    great shot, very nice !

  17. SavingMemories 75 months ago | reply

    Very, very nice! =^D

    This is one of the best images ever!
    You deserve an award from...

    Best Images Ever

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