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I told my brother that I was going to the Ukraine. He warned me that the women there were not pretty - short, fat, and hairy were the three admonitions he passed along. I think Kyle learned everything he knows about East European women from the German swimming team in the 1976 Olympics.


I am in the Ukraine (it's hard to tell from this picture) for work with a software partner there that has about 160 programmers, artists, animators, and other game-development disciplines. It just so happens that Oleg, CEO of this other company, is a famous photographer in the Ukraine. He has more photography equipment than Hefner and Flynt combined. He also has his own photography studio with enough lights to melt Chernobyl (strange segue to my Chernobyl story).


Oleg and I talk a lot about photography. I'm more into landscapes and unique finds. He's more into male/female models and having them do things with props and scenes and shaving cream. He invited me to his studio and Saturday and said, "We get models, zerefore we take some pictures." I had never worked in a studio like his before, so I gave him a big thumbs up.


We showed up at his studio early and spent an eternity as he showed me every light, every strobe, every remote control, and another eternity looking at aperture and lighting and then having a 250-pound Ukrainian man sit in a chair to get the lighting right... Instead of posting a picture of the 250-pound Ukrainian man, I decided to put up this one of the model.


I only speak a few words of Russian, so I let Oleg do all the talking. We snapped away for a while and I got some interesting shots. I have a bunch more that I will post in coming weeks/months.


Oh, for those of you that asked, here is Oleg's photo site

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Taken on April 7, 2007