Kids on the Bridge

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Here is my longboat captain flying under a bridge in back canals of Thailand at 50 knots. After I pass, the kids go diving wantonly into our wake.

This was certainly a rip-roaring ride and not for the faint of heart. We went off the main river in Bangkok and found ourselves deep into a series of canals surrounded by collapsing metallic homes and colorful happy kids. I didn’t get a chance to ask any of them if they had an XBox Live account. This longboat only cost a few US dollars to rent for a few hours, but you can’t put a price on seeing a variety of dead mammals and mutated pachyderms floating down the river beside you.

Thanks for all the comments on my stream. Here are Your Favorite shots from my stream. And here is Page 2 Thanks again!

Look Best: Large on Black

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  1. uzhik 86 months ago | reply

    This photo looks like a snapshot from the movie. 3D view - that is it. And plus great colors and shadows and highlights! You got it all. Amazing. Bravo master!

    Glad, i discovered your tutorial on hdrs accidentally couple of months ago. A completely new perspective on digital photography competence. Thanks!

  2. horstgeorg 86 months ago | reply

    I think this photo is a
    Super Shot
    Please add your photo to
    After you add it to the group pool, please tag this photo as a SuperShot

    Seen on my contacts

  3. 86 months ago | reply

    tune in...turn on...and drop sum bombs on us Treyster..

    please post here..

  4. ecparker 86 months ago | reply

    There is absolutely no way you were going 50 knots.

  5. Dead Air 86 months ago | reply

    I love the color and focus!

  6. Salva del Saz 86 months ago | reply

    Fantastic, superb, ... the blue 'pepsi' from the canopy is great.

  7. neilalderney123 86 months ago | reply

    Ecparker - I bet if he COULD go 50 knots he would! You need to experience the sheer terror of a Tuk-Tuk or longboat ride in Thailand (Bangkok in particular!) to understand that ;-)

    Trey I like the way you captured the casual pose of the driver, despite the fact that he was weaving through half submerged debris at a "virtual" 50 knots! - It really gives the feel!
    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  8. rtv75 86 months ago | reply

    Sweet people in this sweet shot

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  9. Mix Master Mart.. 86 months ago | reply

    Great shot Trey, well done!!!
    Surprised you could keep your camera still!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. maistora 86 months ago | reply

    Was this an experience study for the next game? ('Canal Boat Chase' - you read it here first :)

    Cool shot, as we're used to expect form this artist.

  11. angelabams 86 months ago | reply

    I love it!! The realness of your photos is amazing!!!

  12. Nuttisweetdred 86 months ago | reply

    Your pictures never cease to amaze me, they are always so three dimensional and colorful. Loving this shot.

  13. simrosebud1961 86 months ago | reply

    Great shot, I enjoy flickr because of everyones photos, they allow you to see things, places and other people that some of us wouldn't have the chance to see. Thanks for the opportunity to observe places and people from other parts of the world, keep up the great work.

  14. Q U E E F 86 months ago | reply

    great shot!

  15. twocentsworth 85 months ago | reply

    Hi Trey - hope you've been well - is this hdr? just wondering..?

  16. Furyk 85 months ago | reply

    Ha sweet i think i had the same long-boat captain when i was there last - i'll have to see if i can dig up the photo

  17. TheJbot 64 months ago | reply

    Great shot. The "Large on Black" is pretty small. Or maybe it's my eyes.

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