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The River Through Petaluma

Looking for good Podcasts?

If you are like me, you don’t have a lot of spare time in the week, so you try to hyper-compress and optimize your media consumption. To that end, I now listen to a few podcasts on a regular basis. You can subscribe to them all via iTunes for free, or go right to the webpages below. I have many that I sample from time to time, but the following are some great “regulars”.

•This Week in Technology – A great combination of tech news and analysis. Always fun and interesting.

•This Week in Photography – with host Frederick Van – he’s often joined by very knowledgeable people like Alex Lindsey, Ron Brinkmann, Joseph Linaschke, Steve Simon, and more!

•Macbreak Weekly – I do love my Mac – and this is a great podcast that is all-things Mac.

Leo in the TWIT Cottage

When I was there, I grabbed a quick photo that I put in this previous post about visiting Petaluma.


Daily Photo – The River Through Petaluma

A few days after the talk at Google (I think the Authors@Google *LINK to video are adding subtitles now, for those of you that have trouble hearing), I went up to Napa to visit my mom and my grandmother. Besides getting a bunch of homemade fudge (which I brought to the Stanford photowalk), I also stopped on the way back south in Petaluma at Leo Laporte’s “cottage”.

I’ve always been a big fan of Leo’s! Beside just seeing out of one eye (a strange bond I feel with him), I’ve really gotten a kick out of the way he approaches and discusses technology. In fact, I listen to his podcasts so much that my wife often says, “If I have to hear that Leo ONE MORE TIME, before jamming the radio to get off AUX to FM.”

Leo was in the middle of a podcast when I walked in to watch his operation in person. We didn’t really get a chance to talk, but he was gracious and said hello quickly while in the middle of the broadcast. I think he’s very clever with his media powerhouse there. I was fascinated seeing the operation — everything from the logistics to the electronics – smart.

His whole team was out in the front part of the college, and, while there, I also met Dr. Kiki (Dr. Kirsten Sanford is probably what it says on her degree). She was as nice as I expected as well – her show is called “Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour” — another nice podcast for your lineup!

After leaving, I stopped in downtown Petaluma to grab some lunch and some internet. Whilst there, I went over one of the bridges to grab this shot. I don’t know if the water is always this brown and muddy, but it certainly was this day!


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Taken on February 3, 2010