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The Lotus Mystery

What's in my bag?


I try to get into my suggested equipment area in the Digital SLR camera secion to keep it fresh every few months. I added a few new things this weekend and generally cleaned it up. Maybe you will see some goodies in there! It's sort of a text-version of what's in my bag.


Daily Photo - The Lotus Mystery


You perhaps have seen this "lotus" shape on the top of many SE Asian temples (and India as well as many more places). It's a peaceful and beautiful shape that has deep meaning to many of these cultures. There is something naturally soothing about its contours.


While I took this photo in Cambodia, a small Thai girl would come bring me hot Vietnamese coffees every 15 minutes or so. These are strong coffees that are mixed with sweet condensed milk. They are thick, sweet, and tasty. I remember it all fondly...


On most of these little trips, nothing goes as planned... but I go into the adventure knowing this will be the case, so I effortlessly roll through most of the mishaps because interesting and unexpected things always end up happening.


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Taken on June 3, 2007