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Another Magical Disney Fireworks Show

Daily Photo - Another Magical Disney Fireworks Show

Disney has a very cool "Pirates and Princess" party where they really take their fireworks to the extreme. I worked hard to find a nice reflective surface, even though I had to elbow a few little princesses to get this spot. They started to complain, and I just said, "Stop being such a princess!"


Now, if I can only convince the Powers That Be at Disney to fire off these fireworks at dusk - now THAT is a photo. The thing is... everyone shoots off their fireworks in pitch black, well, because everyone ELSE does. However, I can make a strong case that fireworks look better when there is a bit of ambient light in the air. The fireworks are still bright and beautiful -- they do not have to be against a pure black backdrop to "pop".


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Taken on February 22, 2008