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The Glacially Still Morning Lake

(see the blue of the glacier in the large one!)


Speaking at Ignite Austin

Ignite Austin is a most unlikely event - an unexpected format. Here's the deal. I get 5 minutes to speak. All 16 participants go one right after the next in a rapid-fire serial pattern. There are 20 slides that I will speak to, and each one will be up for 15 seconds before automatically flipping to the next one. I've already submitted my plans, and I guess my thoughts on HDR photography looked to be interesting enough!


Another Nightly Twitter Book-Question Answering Session


I decided to do something kind of different and potentially crazy - I do my best to answer ALL questions about the book on Twitter. I sat down tonight and announced I was open for questions, and many came in both publicly and via DM. I got them all answered! I'm not sure I can keep this up forever, but it is very fun. I thank you guys for getting the book, and I want to be as accessible as possible to help you with the sport of HDR!


Daily Photo - The Glacially Still Morning Lake

I woke up and my sleeping bag was covered in snow. Brrrrr it was cold. And I mean cold! I had chosen to exile myself from the tent, since I pulled the short straw and had to sleep with Yuri. He is the worst tentmate ever. Worst. Tentmate. Evar.


Anyway, once I rousted myself (getting dressed IN the snow AS it is falling on you is very strange), I went on a little hike to warm up. As I crested a hill, I found this beautiful still lake. The wind had yet to kick up, and I could se the bright blue edge of the glacier burning through the morning fog. I was so relaxed that I almost forgot to take the shot. Almost.


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Taken on April 1, 2009