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Christmas at The Rock in the Rain

Beautiful Rockefeller Center in New York has one of the most amazing Christmas displays in the world. It's famous, and always presents a majestic scene right in front of the ice skating rink.


As soon as the guards see me with a tripod, they come over and escort me away. Damn them! Actually - it's not their fault - it's the goddamed lawyers who feed off a tort-happy system. The tripod may trip someone, you see. And then they can file a law suit against the property owner. We increasingly live in a world where you have to second-guess the most natural of actions for fear of being looted by the organized wealth redistribution system of tort-happy lawyers.


Anyway, to spite them all, I kept coming back and setting up my tripod in a horrible rain until I got the shot. Let them try to arrest me some day - I'm obviously a real threat to society as a photographer. It's amazing how hard we all have to work in the USA, land of the free, to be creative and capture beauty... just another reason I'm Coming to New Zealand, where there are no tort lawsuits!


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Taken on December 13, 2009