Cutting Through the Park

Here is another shot from the little video I did with Scott Kublin. He followed me around with a video camera for a while and asked me questions. It wasn't planned or anything, but it came out pretty good! I helped him and Rick a bit with their HDR photography while we moved around Olympic Park. That link above takes you to the short version of the video. The longer one is avail in Newsletter #3 -- you get a link there when you subscribe.


There is a curvy street that cuts through the middle of Olympic Park in Atlanta. It wasn't too far from here where that bomb went off in 1996 Atlanta. I was actually there with my friend Scott Sadowski when it went off! I was not too close to the blast, so I was not in any danger... but we did hear it and see the commotion. So I was there for that bombing AND I was in NYC during 9/11 and saw the 2nd plane hit the WTC. I had meetings in the financial district that day, and we ended up getting stuck in NYC for many days while the airports were shut down. Again, I was not close enough to be in danger... But... I have a knack for being in sketchy situations, I guess!


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  • Andrew Mohrer 6y

    I love how the colors are so strong and sharp.. Great work once again...
  • Kristen 6y

    I love how you captured the city I call home.
  • Jeanette Runyon 6y

    Great shot. I will be going there in a few months
  • susan_r4 6y

    Cool shot Trey - absolutely great!!
  • Rafa Llano 6y

    Impressive shot.

    Really well done, I love it.

    Congratulations for the explore, I believe the shot and you deserves it!!!
  • Matt Santomarco 6y

    Wow! Amazing shot Trey! Hard to believe you near both of the terrible events. It had to be a surreal moment to witness 9/11. I just posted a shot very similar to this but it is not nearly as smooth... I use noiseware like you mention in your tutorial but for night shots, it doesn't always work. Do you also mask in the original sky for your night shots too? If so, how much? Thanks.
  • Kyaw Sithu 6y

    super cool... great creative
  • Meri Wild 6y

    lol, great : )
  • Evan Spellman 6y

    Interesting description of your where abouts on those momentous occasions thanks for sharing the anecdotes--
    as always I do enjoy your photography--
    Evan Spellman
  • paul bica 6y

    awsome shot!!!
    nice video too - keep up the great work trey (no matter what!)
  • Sharad Patel 6y

    great video... and nice photo.. :).. keep up the good work...
  • Michael Glover 6y

    Really awesome picture!
  • Miguel Herrera 6y

    Amazing night shot!!

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)
  • Leroy Simpkins 6y

    cool Shot! color! very crisp and clear!
  • Trey Ratcliff 6y

    Thanks all!

    Matt - no - sometimes I only mask in the original... it depends on noise - really . I'm more likely to mask in the daytime sky
  • Marijka Willis 6y

    Great image ...
    that story - scary.
    Please don't come to Gainesville!
    Kidding ... maybe
  • Cassie Ains 6y

  • John Maffei 6y

    Very nice shot! I really enjoyed the video as well! thanks for sharing!!
  • patrick boury 5y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Light STREAM___, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • anas mohammed 5y

    Cooooool awesome
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