The Magic of Disney's Main Street at Night

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Disney after dark is very cool... All the lights change and it comes alive even more, if possible. One trick that I have picked up is the essential nap while at Disneyworld for the entire family. We head back to the room after a busy morning and a carbo-bloat lunch for a family nap. It keeps everyone sane. And then, we can all stay up late with minimal chance of breakdown. Seeing kids breakdown at Disneyworld is just not right... it's not so Disney...

(See the orig size for the castle! )

I hope you all enjoyed the Newsletter! #3 went out yesterday on an automated schedule, so you should have received it at some point during the day. Check your SPAM folders if it did not come through... Feel free to forward it to your friends and relatives. The site has grown virally over the years, and the more, the merrier. I enjoy reading people's comments and thoughts on things (not just positive feedback... but all sorts of thoughts around photography, family, travel, etc etc.). Also, as always, feel free to share links to your own photography in the comments! I don't frown on that one bit.

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  1. rroberts41 57 months ago | reply

    The magic of Disney really comes through in this piece of art!

  2. Stuck in Customs 57 months ago | reply

    Hehe thanks... :)

    PMW - yes maybe someday I will do that... there has been some talk of an upcoming workshop.

    Canrooy - cool one! :)

  3. Thomaniac 57 months ago | reply

    Great lights and mood!

  4. shotzy 57 months ago | reply

    This is magical. What a great place to be.

  5. bernat... 57 months ago | reply

    Congratulations!!! your photo reach Explore Front Page
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  6. artland 57 months ago | reply

    wonderfulllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. PoochskiesLove 57 months ago | reply

    WOW this is amazing. Love the background castle.

  8. b n khazanchi 56 months ago | reply

    great shot,great details.good you did not go for higher ISO

  9. Lij808 56 months ago | reply

    Great night shot!

  10. Goojr 56 months ago | reply

    stunning :o

  11. Néstor Pugliese 56 months ago | reply

    Fantastic capture!

  12. czd72 56 months ago | reply


    looks a cool place, fantastic capture.

  13. Dave DiCello 56 months ago | reply

    Love the castle in the distance!

  14. Kelly_A 56 months ago | reply

    My absolute favorite place in the entire world..

    -- (?)

  15. Becs Lake 56 months ago | reply

    Hi there! I absolutely love this photo, it's stunning! And was sent to me by a friend. I'm wondering if you can give me some pointers on how to actually get good night photos like this? I'm actually WORKING at Disney World at the moment, and have tried a few times, but as yet don't seem to be getting the mix right! Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated! I hope you enjoyed your holiday there :)

  16. Matt Granz Photography 53 months ago | reply

    You are invited to post this image to "The Vanishing Night" Group

  17. 00ubi 43 months ago | reply

    Just seeing this pic really makes me miss Disney. Yet at the same time, seeing this image allows me (for just a moment) to relive the magic once more in my imagination...

  18. 38 months ago | reply

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