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The Silky Fountain - and a new video - Walkin' around with Trey!

My friend Scott has posted a new video on my HDR Photography that features me walking around Olympic Park in Atlanta taking photos. It's up on his blog, so follow that link over to take a look! He's just starting to learn more and more about photography, and he asked if he could follow me for a while with a video camera. I told him that would be perfectly fine. He was nice enough to edit it together into a nice little 8-minute piece there. I hope you enjoy it.


There is a longer "uncut" version of the video that goes on for 45 minutes. I'll include a secret link to that just to Newsletter subscribers. The next newsletter should come out in the next few days... so get ready! You can sign up here. (It's Free!) (and even better, I promise not to Spam you... I have no Nigerian opportunities to extend to you)


There is one part of the longer video where I set up to take a shot of the Coke Museum. Scott didn't get the security guard walking up to us... but at least you can see a bit of the situation on the ground and what a threat we were posing!


This photo below is one of the many I took that evening with Scott and Rick. I described the best way to get these silky strands on the waterfall... everyone likes those, right?


from the blog at www.stuckincustoms.com

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Taken on August 8, 2009